Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A tribute to MoMo

 Everyone tells me that dogs are pets and that putting them down is part of the process.  My wife tells me that our pets are like my children and I need to let them go and also stop getting them to behave so badly.  I know all of this, just that pets are so awesome in how no matter what you do they are happy to see you.  They never ask you what your BG's are.  They just want to hang out with you and hopefully get some table scraps (yes MoMo got too many table scraps).
 Last night when I pulled into the driveway there was no barking to let everyone on the planet know I was home.  This morning MoMo was not barking to let me know she needed to be let out to use the bathroom.  When I left to work she was not there for me to pet her head before I left.  She was just our dog that had a bad case of allergies (she was even allergic to grass), busted hip, and extremely overweight. 
 When my wife took Baby Pan-Pan (our cat for 10 years) to the pound it wasn't that bad.  Maybe because she was peeing on everything, or because she was not the most friendly cat on the planet, but maybe because she was no MoMo to us.
 You can see how even Archie and Riley lean on MoMo as a parent figure to them and that she would protect them from danger.  The three of them always did this putting their butts Together and they loved to do it on any sort of rug or towel.
 MoMo had her own seat in the TV room and Archie would sit above her on the back and roll around till the backrest would rest on MoMo's back.  Last night this is the first place Archie went when my wife let the dogs out of the kitchen and when my wife wanted Archie and Riley to lay in bed with her Archie just went to MoMo's spot and layed there.  You can tell he knows she is gone.
 Our backyard was MoMo's sanctuary, she would rub her belly on the grass to scratch her allergies.  She would rub it so much we had bald spots in the yard from her rubbing.  I remember how MoMo used to sit in the yard and watch Pete (our chicken) like it was TV.  What she did the most in the backyard was sit and just watch nature, even when the mocking birds would fly down and peck her on the head.
 Here MoMo is at her last moments alive doing what she does best, just hanging out and being a 60 lbs lap dog that just wants you to put your hands on her.
In the end I think pets are a great thing to have for diabetics and MoMo was one of the best.  They teach us to be forgiving, patient, helpful, control our emotions, and to be friendly.  Then in the end we have to say goodbye and move on.  We still have Archie and Riley but we are missing the third amigo and things will get back into a new routine (Archie and Riley now get more canned food) and I will not be so sad but I just miss our beagle.  Will we replace her?  I believe you don't replace a pet just because one goes away.  You find a pet when the time is right and you need a pet (or they need you), not to replace a pet.  There will never be another MoMo  and I know alot of you might not have this same attachment to your pets, nor do you understand this but, for the rest of you out there  know what pets do for us.

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  1. Dave I'm really sorry to hear about MoMo. I felt a pit in the bottom of my stomach as I read your post. Just real sorry to hear that. Hope you are hanging in there ok.