Friday, June 1, 2012

Headphone issues resolved

 What do we all hate about headphones?  Yes, that is correct all headphones suck!  You know I am right because how many of us (everyone) has ever had the one ear go dead, or the jack messes up and you have to wiggle it to that perfect spot so you can hear out of it.  I have a love/hate relationship with headphones because when I am out doing week day runs I like to listen to my music.  The problem is my headphones die about every six months and being as cheap as I am wont buy a new pair but will live with tying the wire around my hand or holding the chord just right until I just give up and stop working out until I can get a replacement pair.  Then when you go shopping for a new pair the only way you can pick them out is by style (over the ear, in the ear, and around the ear), the price, and how they look.  You can't try them out to see if they sound right because they are in a box that you are not supposed to open.  My last pair of headphones, a nice 20 dollar pair of Sony over the ear model just bit the dust. Now I am in running mode to lose some of this jiggly stuff around my belly and also to keep those numbers in range so my running can't stop. 
The other day I had to be on a conference call but also needed to run.  The bright idea came to me that I could listen on my headphones, then it hit me that my headphones were one eared and I could not hear anything on the call.  So I then put the call on speakerphone and proceeded to do a 6.5 mile run.  I have told you all how awesome the Windows smart phones are and then add in my HTC Surround phone which comes with this Dolby surround sound speaker (they oversell the sound but it is still great) that nothing can compare to.  The Windows phones have the Zune player built in which if you have ever used iTunes you are being ripped off, because with Zune you get everything you could dream of loaded on your phone for 130.00 a year and you get to permanently keep 10 songs a month which can be uploaded to other peoples iTune account.  That means you basically are paying for 120 songs and getting all the rest to listen to for the rest of the year.  Think of it like cable TV.  So back to the story once the call was over I thought to just switch over to music and see if I could stand the noise as I ran.  To my delight it was great, kind of like freedom from the cord and everyone else at the parks and on the trails I came by did not mind either because this sounds like a boom box from my phone.  I am not sure if I will keep rolling with it like this all the time but for now I plan on it and finding a sale on a new pair of headphones.  If you have any suggestions on what I should buy please send them my way and none of those 100 buck brands.  I am looking for around 20 bucks with killer sound and maybe a warranty longer than six months.

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  1. Skullcandy Ink'd earbuds are around $20 (less on amazon depending on color) and are supposed to have a lifetime warranty (i haven't had to use it). I have had a pair for about 3 years now that still works great.