Friday, June 15, 2012

Favorite Items

When camping or doing anything for that matter, there is one thing to remember and that is to be comfortable while you are doing it.  When you are at ease you do not waste energy and for us diabetics conserving energy helps keep us from going low.  One of my favorite items to take when doing trunk camping (trunk camping is where you pull your car up and get all the gear from your trunk to the campsite nearby) is my folding round chair thing.  I have sat in alot of folding camp chairs and they usually have something that bugs me.  Some chairs put you in too much of a relaxed position, some have skinny arm rests that cut into your skin after a while, some don't have backs, or any sort of irritant.  This chair I use is like the best of most worlds with its ability to sit up or relaxed, no arm things to bug you, you can lay sideways and kind of fetal position sleep, and it folds and goes.  There are downsides to this chair in that it is larger than most folding chairs and the tricky scissor thingies on the legs get stuck all the time.  So next time you decide to head out to see Shakespeare in the park and you want to just bring a blanket to lay on the lawn or watch a youth baseball or soccer game with just a foam pad to sit on in the seats remember you can do all this stuff in those manners but if you have comfortable gear you will look forward to doing it.  Just think about that romantic blanket on the lawn and having to either lay down or sit Indian style for two hours on the ground.  Then think about sitting in a comfortable folding round chair that you can set things beside you and enjoy every scene of the play.  When I have to buy a new item for the outdoors my first step is to see how I do it at home and then go to the Internet and research options and once I am knowledgeable I ask my friends and see what they use.  Stop trying to re-invent the wheel and just find the right wheel for you.  This chair is also the best thing to have while fishing.  Have you ever decided to go out and catch some fish just to realize that you either have to stand for five hours or sit on the ground?  Think before you do and if you have the space bring items that might help and if you don't need them you just don't have to get them out.

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