Monday, June 4, 2012

Religion and Diabetes

Church this past Sunday was a lesson on "The Hero's Edge" and specifically making sure we wear our religious armor all the time (this was the first lesson in a series).  The pastor did a great job on this subject and my son and I really thought of the "Bible Man" show the whole time since they had all sorts of knight suits all over the stage.  I only had one issue with the lesson and it is not really an issue but more of a different view than what the pastor had.  He was discussing how people have these underground bunkers built in the back yards where if a war breaks out or something happens you can go in these things and survive for a while.  He discussed how Christians should not cower or hide but we should always wear our armor and stand tall.  Now I look at this from a person with a disease and think that a person that has a bunker is actually preparing their family so they are ready and can survive to see another day.  I think it is more of a prepare your family first and then go out and fight in the name of the lord.  The reason we probably see this different is that he does not have to do all the prep work to live every day with diabetes or any other disease.  He is a healthy individual and that is OK, just there is not this survival mentality built in when you have a disease.  I think this is where religion and type one diabetes is hard to come to terms with.  You just look at all things a little different and religion is one of those things that a healthy person sees different than those with diseases.  A lot of the times they are like “we are all created in gods eyes” and diabetics are like “then show me a picture of god testing his blood sugars (the Leonardo picture above kind of makes me think that is what god is doing to Adam).  People tell me all the time that I am not religious enough but I feel very religious, just in a different way and I think that is what type one diabetes is all about.  Just like having food issues for getting yelled at all our lives if we even think of sweets, diabetes makes everything different and religion is just another item people don’t understand about us.  Have them go low once and they will know how close we are to god and how powerful he is.

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