Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OK so maybe a little fishing...

 Yesterday I mentioned how I went out a fly fishing event put on by the Texas Parks and Wildlife department.  We didn't do any fishing but they had lots of clinics on casting, fly tying, gear, how to find the fish, and even fly fishing for carp and Buffalo.  They did have a swimming pool filled with about 500 catfish.  If you have ever heard of the saying "like catching fish out of a barrel" well this was exactly that.  The hooks were debarbed which really helped the park rangers because they had their hands busy with kids pulling out fish here and throwing fish over there.
 For a moment I thought about using one of the poles and catching one of these catfish but realized this was way to easy with little sportsmanship for anyone over the age of 7.  I did get a chance to talk to the rangers about how they set this pool up and what you have to worry about when keeping fish in your own pool, not that I would do that, there was just a bit of curiosity.
 They had two fly fishing clubs putting on all the sessions at the event and one was Red River fly fishers and the other was The Dallas Flyfishers.
Fathers day I was supposed to be following our scout bus to camp so I could bring the driver back.  Lucky for me we had another father coming back from Minnesota and was dropping his son off at camp and was willing to bring the driver back.  Bad for me was I forgot to tell my wife when I received the news and she had planned on me not being home most of the day.  She updated her plans and let me come to church with her and afterwards we went to a hibachi restaurant with another family.  The chef was great and at the end of his presentational cooking of the food he did the usual onion volcano and choo-choo train.  What I have never seen though is he brought out this bobble head looking thing and pushed a button on the back and the boys pants fall down and he pees water on the flaming onion volcano.  This was so awesome and I have to get me one of these guys for around the house.

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