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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A new take on drinking water

 It is hard to see the water bladders in our canoes but the black bag looking things in the second and third canoe from the left has these 2.5 gallon water bladders in them.  I have done alot of outdoor adventures and a great deal of backwoods week long camping but never had I ever had to bring all our drinking water along a trip.  We had something like 80 of these bladders and I know what you are thinking and I asked the same question: "why do we have to bring all our water on a canoe trip?"  The answer I received was because the Missouri river water was too dirty to purify and also too gritty to just use iodine.  This sounded reasonable to me and I accepted it.
Above is a picture of what the water bladders look like that I stole of the inter-web.  They are quite industrial but ergonomically sound.  I would compare them to a sand bag on their shape and they had this handy dandy string that went all around the outside of them for easy grab and go.  Then the water bladders were like a canvas material on the outside which gave them a good texture to them.  Nothing like the old balloon noise or rubber feel the the bladder. 

The only thing that had me concerned the whole trip was: "what if we ran out of water?"  I constantly was counting these things and figuring out how much water we used in a single day.  We had plenty of water and dumped out a few at the end but for my first pack in all your water adventure this one was fun and I am glad I now have canoed on a river full of fresh water that you cant drink.

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