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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sticky situation

 I am always late to the party and way under informed on most subjects, and diabetes definitely falls into that category.  Since the dawning of Dave (The Diabetic Camper) being on an insulin pump of the year 1999 I have used IV prep as my default stuff to get my skin as tacky as possible.
 The only problem I have with IV prep is that my body is like your Thanksgiving day turkey with that little nub thing that pops out when it is done.  My body constantly pops out my infusion sites just like that turkey does and I constantly fight with keeping my infusion site attached to my body.  I have always used IV prep and alcohol as a base, then I have tried all sorts of tapes and anti-perspirants with none of them working when the temperature hits the 90+ range.  Then one day on my recent canoe trip in Montana along the Missouri river my friend Tracey asked if I had ever used Skin Tac.
I have never even heard of this "Skin Tac" stuff and asked her what it was all about.  She informed me that it is like IV prep just with alot more sticky to it.  Well after this conversation I was still playing around with odd places I can put my pump site then recently while my site was on my leg it popped off during a workout.  One of the guys in our workout group who is a nurse asked me if I had ever thought of Skin Tac.  Then at that moment I remembered Tracey telling me about this stuff and so I thought that I should give it a try. 

The next order of pump supplies I added a box of 100 Skin Tac wipes to the order and let me tell you all something.  This stuff is awesome!  I love that it sticks everything to anything.  Once I put my site on my clothes are like fused to my skin and my fingers are stuck together.  I am so in love with this stuff and what it does.  If you have the thanksgiving day turkey issue like I do, you should definitely give Skin Tac a try.

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  1. SWEET sticky'ness!
    Once I discovered skin-tac it's all I used after that. It's annoying when putting the site on because your fingers stick to everything! that's good stuff.