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Friday, September 13, 2013

Do you ever feel you know your friends too well?

So I admit it that I am addicted to funny commercials.  Then funny commercials sometimes remind me of stuff.  The above commercial is playing in the Dallas area currently and every time I see it I think of my buddy Don.  My good diabetic buddy Don loves squirrels and he also gets irritable whenever he has low BG's.  So when I see the squirrel giving the finger to the runner I always imagine that happens to Don at home.  The back of Don's house is like a giant glass wall overlooking his backyard of live oak trees that are filled with squirrels, birds and stuff.  I just chuckle inside myself watching this commercial and thinking of Don pounding on the glass yelling at a squirrel that his tail is dumb and the squirrel turning around and flipping him the bird and telling him his blood sugars are low and to eat something.

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