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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My favorite house guests!

There is one critter I always enjoy seeing around my house and that is the gecko.  I am not sure if the gecko above is a Mediterranean gecko or a common house gecko.  They are like almost identical in every way.  The one gecko I know for sure this isn't is that one from the Geico commercials.  There is nothing bad about geckos at all.  They eat insects and walk all over walls and stuff.  My dogs get a good exercise chasing them when they accidentally come out during the day.

This year has been my best year ever for the size of geckos I have had.  Usually I get a few really small and skinny ones but this year as you can tell from the picture above I have some whoopers around.  Does this mean I have more bugs around the house?  I hope it doesn't, just this year I have been leaving my porch light on at night and if there is one thing to get a gaggle of geckos on your garage door or front porch is to leave the lights on for them.  There was one a week or so ago that would sit on my front porch every morning waiting for me to come out.  Then I would say hello to him and he would scurry off to his hole to sleep the day away.  Geckos just make me think that I don't just live in hotter-than-hell summer Dallas, Texas but instead it feels more like: hotter-than-hell summer Dallas, Texas Caribbean style.

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