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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

coconut water

 OK, this coconut water stuff is all the rage right now and I am not one to miss a good fad so I wanted to join in on this craze.  I even hear on one life radio about that we are supposed to try to cook now with coconut oil instead of olive oil.  something about how it is the healthiest of all the oils.  The thing is I tried coconut water a while back and I am not sure if it was tainted, went bad, or just that coconut water tastes like bad dishwater in my mouth but it wasn't anything good or worth writing home about.  Then I constantly see this coconut water in the stores and I want to know if one is different than another or I was buying dirty coconut dishwater flavored coconut water.
So I put on my white trash thinking cap and decided to start with the most unhealthy of all the coconut waters I could find.  The one I came up with was Goya aqua de coco, which my Mexican to diabetes dictionary tells me that it is sugar and coconut water or something like that.  Then I read the back label and the ingredients pretty much agreed with my sugar and coconut water ingredients.  I had this can in my fridge for a few days waiting for the right time where I was freshly worked out and had a slanted down arrow on my CGM with a BG of 120 or so.  That day was here and I cracked open the can and let me tell you this, it was pretty good stuff.  I bought the kind with the coconut meat chunks in it because, I like the chunky-ness of pulp and it slows me down when drinking things.  I am sure the bad outweighed and of the good from the coconut water in this can but it started me on the trail of working up to the dishwater coconut flavored stuff again.  If you are a believer of the water of coconuts and have a special brand or flavor I should try please post a comment on this page and I will probably take you up on it and do another post on your recommendation.

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  1. New here, from MDR's site. Do you use insulin? Humalog? I was diabetic for years before I knew about it. I was constantly exhausted. I'd eat Twizzlers or Butterfingers for a fast boost of energy, then fall asleep. I kept that up, and rapidly gained 80 pounds before finding out I was at 500 bs.

    Of COURSE those Twizzlers were putting me in a coma, but I had no idea WHY, so I'd eat MORE sugar for a surge of energy.

    Humalog and Insulin prevents weight loss, so here I am, avoiding sugar, taking my shots, then saying "to hell with it" and grabbing a piece of something I shouldn't have.

    I also went the Coconut Oil craze. EVERY craze promises cures and blood sugar control because there's a large amount of diabetics to aim sales at.

    Like you found out with your coconut water, there's a vast difference between coconut oils. HUGE difference.