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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Connections to our past

 Do you ever wonder if you were adopted because you are different from the rest of your family?  Not like in a "real life" kind of adoption or that you are the only one with diabetes in the family so you had to be adopted but like your tastes and everything are different than the rest of your families? 
I was thinking about this "what if" question last night because I know I am first of all in the right family and second of all am not adopted (besides that I am the only one with diabetes).  The reason boils down to a simple thing my grandmother told me years ago just after my grandfather passed away and I was like 14 or so.  She mentioned to me that the last thing my grandfather wished he could get was an ice cold slice of watermelon and the summer heat had just started picking up and that was when my grandfather would cut open a watermelon and we would all sit around and spit the seeds.  He was at a nursing home at the time due to fading memory and my grandmother was gong to pick up a watermelon and take it to him the next day just so he could enjoy it with the heat.  last night when I got home from working out the first thing I did (OK the first thing I did after I fed the dogs) was to get my cold watermelon out of the fridge and cut a few slices off to cool me down.  Cold watermelon on a hot summer day is like the best thing ever, OK besides like fresh home made ice cream, glass bottle ice cold diet cherry coke, or alot of things.  The point is I love having such a connection with my ancestors with simple things as a slice of cold watermelon on a hot summer day.

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