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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Easily treatable disease!

A 22-year-old woman may die

My good ol buddy Jeff was joking with me the other day and sent me the article on the lady above about how she is a diabetic in prison.  Of course Jeff was joking that I might have a chance at dating her since she is a criminal, in jail, and also has type 1 diabetes.  Then I started reading the article and couldn't get past the part where the author describes type 1 diabetes as, "an easily treatable disease."  I almost hit the floor when I read that.  How little research this author must have done to report on diabetes and the woman in prison.  Do I feel like a complete failure now that I can't control an easily treatable disease. 

The article does provoke even more issues that to me go into why I am not a fan of the new government health care system about to go into effect.  It was brought up to me by a person of inside knowledge that the government considers 3 times a day as the standard of BG testing.  I test like 10 times a day and also wear a CGM.  So first of all I can't control this easily treatable disease and second I don't want the government in charge of my medical care if they consider 3 times a day as the standard of diabetes care.  OK, so this just adds so much more to the things that I don't understand and just will have to live with and deal with when time comes.

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