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Monday, November 21, 2011

What every diabetic must have!

 If you have had diabetes for any length of time you have had at least one medical tote.  These are your bags for carrying test strips, meters, glucagon injection kits, glucose tablets, snacks, insulin, needles, keys, and so much more.  I have gone through at least 10 medical totes in my 24 years with diabetes.  Recently a friend of mine was out camping with me and I inquired about his Mountainsmith fanny pack.  He never camps without it and always seems happy with it.  He let me know that about seven years ago he purchased it for his marathon training and liked it so much that he converted it into his camping day pack.  Then one day I see on that they have several Mountainsmith bags on sale.  I emailed my friend and he instantly bought another pack just like his other one.  I asked him what he was going to do with two day packs and he let me know that he liked them so much that he could easily find a use for the second one.  So this gets me thinking about getting one for myself.
 I reached out to Mountainsmith and inquired about testing one of their packs for using as a diabetic camping tote.   They responded instantly and were eager to get product in my hand to test and review.  During the work week I use a briefcase for my papers, files, medical equipment, flashlight, knife, snacks and everything else.  This briefcase has been my diabetes tote for what is known as tailgate camping.  This is where you pull your car into a parking space next to a campsite and you have all your equipment in the trunk.  I switch to a day pack on other campouts.  Now my briefcase is getting rough around the edges I have been trying to retire it from campouts and just use it during the week.  It is more on the professional look and seems odd out in the woods.  The only thing is I have been very disappointed with what is on the market as a replacement until I have now been shown the light of Mountainsmith.
Recently we went backpacking in the Oklahoma hills and I thought this was the perfect first test for the Mountainsmith Day Classic.  Usually on campouts I take along my truck to pull our trailer.  I keep more diabetes backup equipment in my truck and I always have my briefcase in it as well.  This campout we loaded the scout bus down with everything we needed and did not need a trailer or follow vehicle.  So my truck and briefcase were left behind and I was on my own to haul my gear in my backpack and bus bag.  I loaded the Day Classic with snacks, meter, flashlight, jacket, water bottles, compass, lunch, soda, glucagon injection kit, glucose tablets, first aid kit, over the ear headphones, and lots more.  Even with all this equipment and junk I had plenty room for more.  The pack comes with heavy duty zippers with bright yellow pull tabs on them.  The pack is made of something called Cordura which feels strong and comfortable on the skin.  On each side there is a mesh pocket that can hold anything from water bottles to cell phone cables.  The mesh pockets have elastic draw strings like most packs do.  Just on the Mountainsmith pack they draw all the way tight and you can keep anything in the pocket from loose change to wet gear that needs to dry.  The first part I fell in love with was the side mesh pockets.  Then on the inside of the main compartment you have a red leash that holds your car keys.  I love having a place to keep my keys safe.  The other greatness of these bags are that they are large enough to hold a laptop computer.  They have an awesome waist belt that I have not had the chance yet to use and they come with a shoulder strap.  So you can use this pack as a briefcase, a shoulder bag, a fanny pack, and if you purchase the straps a day pack.  Just using this pack once I am in love and on a mission to tell every diabetic and person I know about these bags and this company.  If you are a diabetic then you must have one of these.  I will keep using this pack and post updates as I get the chance to review all parts of this bag.

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