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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More ways to use it!

 Recently we had one of our fundraisers for our Boy Scout Troop.  Our troop does not sell anything to raise funds but instead we put out flags for local residents that are members of the Rotary Club and also we hand out directories for a local HOA.  Now this HOA is not your typical association.  They comprise of something like 8,000 houses and their phone book is the size of a small towns phone book.
 We pass out these directories twice a year.  I know what you are saying: "who even uses a phone book these days?"  Well the HOA has advertisers and they like to keep their residents informed and up to date.  Our scout group breaks the handing out of directories into routes for each boy.  Now each route consists of approximately 250 houses.  My son and I took on two routes and that consisted of a solid 500 houses.
 When my son and I pass out directories he usually has his backpack on and can fill it with enough books for about one side of a street.  I usually just grab a box and use my arm strength.  This time I had my son use the Mountainsmith day classic bag that I had recently wrote a review on
 He used the bag as a messenger bag by putting it over his shoulder.  The bag amazingly held as many books as I could carry in a box.  His only complaint was that the strap was a little tight due to the placement of the straps on the bag.  Besides the straps being a little close he loved the bag and was amazed how much we abused it and it just kept right on going.  The more and more we use this bag, the more I love it.  I would consider this the best bag in general I have ever had and also I would say it is the company to go with when purchasing your diabetes equipment bag.
The more and more I look to either replace or update my current camping equipment the same thing keeps coming up.  Diabetes companies either don't make their product for outdoors use or the equipment is not made to withstand the abuse.  Being a diabetic and seeing how activity helps maintain healthy living with diabetes I wonder why these companies miss out on this entire market.  There were diabetics that just ran across America, team triabetes are triathletes that are diabetic and the list goes on and on for active diabetics.  With this information I think my next years goal is to put together a list of diabetes equipment for camping.  From which meters, insulin pumps, bags, and flashlights work best for diabetics in the woods.  Please email me if you have a product you use that I have not looked that would fall under this category of best diabetes camping gear (  I must say that for a diabetic bag the Mountainsmith company is the best.  They do not pay me in any way but they did give me this bag for free to review.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story. This topic is very close to my heart. Having Diabetes really can be traumatic sometimes. But i decided to take matters in my hand when i got detected with diabetes. I choose to live my life the way i want. I ate right and walked 2 miles everyday. Also substituted sugar with Natvia and now i myself feel i have a normal life.