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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Illegal Coupons

 Look at this dork!  I was so happy to be sporting my t-shirt at the gym the other day that I just had to snap a photo.  This was about 40 dollars of waste.  They claim to be this national group of athletic diabetics and if you ship them forty bucks they will give you all this login information to join their website and join them at runs, outdoor gatherings, and discounts to merchandise.  Well once I gave them my money they informed me they are only in Colorado and California.  That is a little far from Dallas.  If I want to attend any event I have to cross the country.  Now I feel duped because they promoted being nationwide just give them forty bucks and you can get access, they should be a little forthcoming on exactly where they are located.  Once they get your money they let you know if you are basically not in California you are out of luck and here have a t-shirt as a consolation prize.  I never received a login to their website and am still just an outsider looking in.
 Enough complaining, a friend gave me these coupons at work the other day.  Everyone knows I am a discount or coupon kind of guy.  I was excited because these coupons basically make the case of water free.  Same with the Dr Pepper coupon, it is almost free with it.
I headed to the store with my Coke rewards coupon for a free 12 pack, Ritz coupon for free crackers, and these two coupons.  I needed a glasses repair kit so I figured two bucks for that and my total bill should be in the five dollar range.  Once at the checkout I learned the hard way (why did I not read the fine print) that these coupons are fakes.  Even though they rung up the discount the store did not accept them.  The check out lady made her point by showing me at the bottom the fine print said "Coke" on it.  How could I argue with that?  So I felt really embarassed, paid full price for the two items and headed home.

I told my friend the next day about what I found.  She informed me that they accepted the coupons at a store she attended.  I felt bad for trying to use these coupons and will read the fine print if someone hands me copy paper printed coupons.  Now, I watch that "Extreme Coupon" show on TV and they print coupons off the internet all the time.  So I put this in the category of a leason learned the hard way.

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