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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Walking Dead

 OK, so I have been wanting to watch this series "The Walking Dead" for a while now and just keep forgetting to record it.  Well over the Thanksgiving holiday and with the greatness of Netflix I had a chance to watch all of season one.  Then with on demand I had the chance to watch all of season two up to the mid-season finale which I caught on AMC Sunday night.  First, I have to admit that I am a fan of any zombie movie but was concerned how you make a zombie series.  Everyone tells me of how great "Madmen" is and that AMC shows are wonderful.
 After watching this series from beginning to current episode I must say it is truly a great series to watch and the zombies are just right.  The wonderful thing about end of world shows and zombie apocalypses is that you get to think about the "What if" situations.  Those situations are "What if" you were in their place and how would you handle it.  Being a camper that I am and having to know how to improvise and over come various situations when in the wild I love to see what they are doing on this show and think of better ways to do it.  Now I know what all of you are thinking out there is that, hey this guy is a diabetic and even if he survived the zombies how is he going to survive without insulin.  OK, so that part I am still working on in my head.  I do keep a solid six months supply of diabetes gear at the house.  So I have at least that long to live or find more meds.  The show is based on a comic book that you can read about on Wiki and see where the future might lie ahead for the TV series of our group of survivors.  Other "What if" situations are how would you fight off the zombies.  In the second series the main group we follow find a farm that is run by a man that does not like guns and actually captures the zombies because he thinks there is a cure.  This adds a layer to the show about are guns good or bad and are zombies really bad or is there a chance.  This is so much fun.
 What I have been thinking about is how to deal with these zombies just popping up at random times.  I came up with a solution to that by using the old Indian trick where they used to lure buffalo into narrow passes and either killing them with stones and arrows as they bottle neck or they run them off a cliff at the end of the narrows.  My thinking was to use a person to lure the zombies into the death area and once the person gets into the area the others can whop their heads off with knives and axes.  To protect them at night you could create a zone surrounding the base camp with zombie parts to mask the smell of the living.  Or you could just build platforms to sleep on at night.  Maybe even have a fresh area away from camp that would lure the zombies to another location.  Maybe an animal suspended in a cage above a giant whole and every morning the survivors can check the pit for freshly fallen zombies.  Have I gone to far with this stuff?  I then move onto water, food, shelter, and supplies but I use the parameters that the show gives us.  It is not fair to add an element they have not given me, kind of like cheating on a test.
This is just a little of what I think about while watching this show and well during the day while driving alone to and from work(I know how weird right?).  It all boils down to a fun experience of a TV show and the situation of survival and how we do it.  Either with zombies or if you are lost in the woods, knowing the basics of life that you can only survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.  Emergencies are limited with shelter, water, and food and how we deal with it. 

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  1. I don't think the old man at the farm is keeping the zombies because he thinks there is already a cure. I think he is keeping them because they are people he knows (including his wife) and he is hopeful that there will be a cure.

    If there was a zombie apocalypse, you would have grabbed all the insulin when you went to the CDC building and you would have looted the pharmacy and taken all of theirs.

    Also a good case to have a Frio pack so you can keep that insulin cool for a long period of time!

    The good news for a diabetic zombie is that human flesh is no doubt low in carbs.