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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tanka Bars

 The nice people at Tanka sent me a sample of some of their buffalo jerky treats to try and review.  I received these items about a month ago but wanted the right place and time to do an in the wild product review.  So I chose a backpacking trip to try these products out.  Now These are all natural buffalo cranberry jerky products.  I was worried about how they get these cranberries into the jerky.  The three products come in either original and spicy flavors.  The first I tried on the trail was the Buffalo Stick and I must say it was a little on the greasy side and a little dry for my tastes.  Also I shared these products with all the boys on the trail to get their opinions.  The stick was probably the least liked of everyone even though none of them hated it they just did not say they were planning on purchasing these when they got home.
 The next product and about a mile and a half down the trail I pulled out the Tanka Bar.  I was interested in what they constituted as a bar and jerky in one.  I would say this is more of a thick jerky that tasted similar to the Tanka Stick just without as much greasy texture to it and in this product you really got more of the cranberry flavor.  The cranberries were very juicy and burst in your mouth when you came across them.  The boys like this product but again they were not eager to go out and buy it for the next trip.  I would say it was good but the price would drive me away from buying it myself.
The last product we tried and about another two miles down the trail were the Tanka Bites.  These are nuggets of buffalo and cranberry just like the other two products just in another form.  I really loved these bites and the cranberry is amazing in these guys.  I would give good money to buy these bites if I were perusing the isle for store jerky.  They really are completely different than any other jerky on the shelf and I think if you are a jerky person you really need to get a bag of these bites and try them for yourself.  Also with diabetes all of these products are great for energy and low on carbs.  Jerky on the trail really helps give me energy without the spike of the usual carb snacks.  On my patented diabetes scale of one to five syringes with one being the lowest and five being the highest, I would give Tanka overall two syringes for their overall product lineup but, I would give the Tanka Bites four syringes because these snacks are different and taste great.  I would also say my friend Dustin was head over heels for the Tanka Bites.  He already wants a case for the next backpacking trip.

I have to give thanks to for allowing me to use their pictures.  They also have some great reviews on anything that deals with hot sauces.  Give them a look and see.  I think my wife needs the source hot sauce.  That stuff sounds so hot it must be battery acid flavored with peppers.

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  1. hahaha! I guess you didn't love the Tanka products? (okay..besides the bites?)

    Still fun to get free stuff! : ) Hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving! (ps-my boys camped out this weekend-they were exhausted!!) : ) Holly