Monday, January 13, 2014

It's Diabetes Cold outside!

So recently I had serious viruses and diabetes and all sorts of non-sense going on so I am way, way, way behind on blogging.  Then last week was the great 2014 freeze and if you didn't know it but I am located in the warm state of Texas and we had it cold down here as well.  So I do an organized outdoor group workout after work Monday's through Thursday's.  When I workout I just take my pump and CGM off so they don't get in the way of squats, jumping jacks, and all sorts of stuff.  Then last Tuesday with the 2014 polar vortex bear sitting on us when I went back to put my pump on after the workout, the little guy was buzzing and beeping like crazy with a low battery issue.  So I get in my truck, replace the battery (because all of us diabetics keep a stash of batteries on us at all times) and the pump instantly goes into low battery mode again.  Then I changed the battery again, and the pump has low battery issues all over.  Then I put my diabetes detective hat on and remember way back in the day when I was camping in Paulo Duro canyon and it was freakin cold as can be and all my meters wouldn't work.  So I put my pump where the sun doesn't shine for a few minutes and put the battery in my hands and blew on it to warm everything up and sure enough I was back in business.  This also reminds me of a diabetic friend that lives north of US and she has written about having to put meters and pumps down bras and stuff to try and keep her diabetes stuff working.  Here is Scully's awesome blog:  

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