Monday, December 30, 2013

Diabetes Year of our disease 2013 review!

My self imposed editor-in-chief, Jeff has informed me that I need to do a "year in review."  He is always on my case to do things that he wants to see on my blog.  I take alot of them with a grain of insulin but I think he was right and I should reflect upon the year that was diabetes 2013.

I really couldn't come up with like a top 10 or like a highlights reel but a few things that Jeff reminded me of are listed below:

  • We had alot of fun stories from our "Dallas tour de cure" training rides from people throwing up, getting lost, tons of pickle juice, emergency medical crews being called out, and our good buddy Don and his infamous "box of goodies."
  • Then there were the actual rides where Jeff and I did 70 miles one day starting at his house and just went all over Dallas, and when Don and I did our first 100 mile ride, then the infamous time when I was hit by a truck.
  • I remember the diabetes themed trips I took such as the diabetes life inspiring Montana river float trip, the Philadelphia marathon where I stripped down to my undies to cross the finish line, and the Ragnar 200 mile relay runs with so many friends.
  • Then Jeff reminds me how I am always trying to hit on girls during our training rides and I strike out every time.  Not even a single phone number from all my trying.
So that is the beginning of my diabetes year in review 2013.  Please post any comments, questions, or concerns if you want to mention any of your diabetes 2013 year highlights.

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