Monday, January 20, 2014

Carlsbad Marathon Weekend

This past weekend I participated in the Carlsbad Marathon event, and it probably was one of the greatest diabetes filled weekends to date.  I think mainly because I didn't offend too many people too much and that I met alot of people that allowed me to be a juvenile like I am because of my juvenile diabetes.  Then hanging out and catching up with old friends with diabetes and that always leads into us working on our diabetes comedy routines, which then leads us to coming up with some wacky diabetes inventions that would rock the world but would and could never be a reality.  The entire weekend was capped off with a simple marathon at the end in southern California.  I always tell people I meet with diabetes that to overcome all these millions and millions of issues we deal with in the diabetes community you have to increase your network of friends, family and people with diabetes.  There are no doctors, lawyers, or scientists that don't have diabetes that can help you as much as a group of misfit odd people that have diabetes.  Then you always have to keep an open mind about anything and everything.  Heck even the cinnamon might actually come out to be a real cure one day or something but to say "oh I only eat this or do that" in any certain situation is being closed minded and limits your possibilities.  When you get a gaggle of weirdo diabetics in the same room we teach each other how to cheat the system, how to deal with the "others" (non-diabetics that want to preach to us), and alternative forms of diabetes management like nutrition, medical devices, and treatments.  I even learned what they call non-diabetics in Canada, they call them 5.5's.  Then I learned that type ones are not called loonies and type twos are not called toonies in Canada.  Who would have thought I would have learned so much?

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