Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taking food from a Diabetic!

So I do what I can do to be as healthy as I possibly can.  During work days I enjoy bringing a microwave TV dinner for lunch and a couple of months ago I found these awesome Healthy Choice steamer meal things.  The picture on the box above cracks me up because if you have ever had these, you would know that what comes in the box and what is pictured on the box are two different things.  The contents of the box would never fill that bowl up like that.  You would have to put like three of these meals in that bowl to get that much.  Anyways, back to the story at hand.  Yesterday I brought in my usual one of three different Healthy Choice steamer meals for lunch and put it in our companies refrigerator.  Now, we don't have like thousands of employees where I work, it is like 40'ish or so and the only thing anybody brings that gets confusing is the Yoplait yogurts, usually there are three or so people that bring those and I could see someone eating the wrong one on accident.  So lunch time came and I go to the break room to heat up my delicious and healthy lunch only to find out that someone had eaten it.  I was completely perplexed by this situation because we used to have an employee at our office that I called "The Atlantic Raccoon" because he would accidentally eat peoples left overs.  See our IT department all bring in random groceries to make sandwiches and stuff from and they all share their fixins and sometimes the Atlantic Raccoon would accidentally eat someones leftover spaghetti or in my case leftover chili.  I forgive him since he has type 2 diabetes and at least he does it on accident.  The thing is after I realized my microwave dinner was gone I turned into survival mode since I am a diabetic and I had timed my meal, insulin, and BG's to all coincide with each other and now one of those parts of the equation was missing had to find a replacement.  I quickly went to our free food vending machine and popped out a bag of sun chips and a candy bar to replace the 300 calories that I was now deprived of.  So as I was leaving the break room with my sub-par lunch replacement I look at a table of auditors we currently have doing our fourth quarter audit and see my lunch in front of one.  How even more disappointed I was than before that an outside random auditor is feasting on our lunches not to mention she is taking food from a nutrient deprived diabetic.  As I left and saw the evidence clearly in front of her I couldn't say anything because of the intense blow to my BG's and the shock.  All my coworkers couldn't believe I didn't say anything but like I said it was so shocking that I just froze up.  Now going forward as I see the auditors in our break room I will make definite comments on the subject.  This all is a good reminder that no matter what I need to keep an emergency meal at my desk, which I normally do but I just got lazy and haven't replaced the canned soup I usually keep.  The funny thing is after a while I was starving so I was joking with everyone about what I would like to have at my funeral if I didn't make it through the day like I needed someone to sing that Britney Spears song "oops I did it again" in the slutty school girl outfit and another lady to use the stripper pole that will be installed on my casket to sing and perform the Miley Cyrus "party in the USA" song.  When I go I definitely want to put the "fun" back in funeral.   It is always important to keep good positive attitude when someone starves a poor helpless nutrient deprived diabetic.

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