Thursday, January 23, 2014

Project 365!

There were so many fun things that happened on my recent trip to Carlsbad, CA.  One of them was on my first night there we got to see the Project 365 documentary by Steve Richert of in which he took his diabetes out on the road and climbed 365 days consecutively while living out of his car.  This documentary was amazing, and the things he had to overcome to achieve the consecutive days of climbing were amazing.  His car was attacked by a bear, then later the car died, and then throw in all the weather and not to mention diabetes.  The documentary really engages your inner diabetic child and gives you this feeling to not just live with this disease but to push it to the limits.  I was definitely inspired to do more with my diabetes after seeing some of the awesome places he dangles his diabetes off of.  Normal slacker diabetics like myself often see people like Steve and think they are super duper diabetes avengers and stuff but after the showing of the documentary he took questions and in the end Steve is just another diabetic like you or I.  He has just channeled that inner diabetic child to motivate him to live better.  I would definitely tell every one of you to go out and see his documentary on:

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