Monday, December 17, 2012

What is my Deal?

 I seriously have a problem with flashlights.  Black Friday I showed you my new 525 lumins handheld "d" battery flashlight that I purchased at Home Depot.  While I was at Home Depot I saw a headlamp with 145 lumins and a red light.  Headlamps drive me crazy so why am I buying another one?  I have one already that is bright enough so I guess this one was needed because it had the cool Mohawk strap down the top and also the batteries were in the back.  My other headlamp doesn't have that and it isn't 145 lumins.  Then I still find myself looking on the inter-web at 800 and 900 lumin lights.  This is getting to be a problem.
There are a few times in my day or I guess night to be more accurate when I do enjoy the convenience of a headlamp.  Setting up my tent and putting together my cot, those are the only times a headlamp is useful to me.  OK, let me correct that, I do like to use a headlamp when working on a vehicle even during the daylight hours.  My work had our Christmas party last Friday and we do one of those white elephant exchanges where you bring a gift that is something in the neighborhood of 25 bucks and put it in the pile and we draw numbers to set the order and we put a two steals per gift.  One of the gifts someone opened up was a headlamp and I was seriously looking into getting it, even after I just bought the headlamp in the pictures above.  The headlamp was almost identical to mine except it didn't have the red light and it was a 172 lumins light.  In the end I walked away with a much better gift and went back to my desk to look at 800 lumin flashlights.  I think in the end all campers have some sort of issue like this.  Some of my friends have like seven tents and some have four backpacks, while others collect sleeping bags or stoves.  Camping gear is just something that brings that one weird need out of us to collect multiple items of the same nature.  Diabetes is alot like that, I have seen people who keep all the meters they have ever had in their lifetime and are obsessed about what features the next version will have.