Monday, December 31, 2012


So today is the eve of a new year and like alot of my fellow diabetics out there we get kind of nervous about this whole stupid "resolution" idea at this time.  Do we go all out and make some over the top, hardcore resolutions or do we just go with the easy ones like: make sure I can fog a mirror by the end of the year.  The diabetes factor is always do better with the betes but we all know if you go for some amazing diabetes resolution you have to live with it for the rest of your life because diabetes never goes away.  So if you have some sort of goal of an A1C to be like perfect the entire year, then well what about next year?  Tough stuff I know so my goals are pretty normal for me this year as all years and that is first to look good in a speedo, be able to do like 20 military style pull-ups, and run a half marathon.  OK, so eat better and work smarter is on my list but aren't those on every ones list. 

Now about 13 years ago these goals were not goals of mine but my normal everyday life I lived, then I got behind the "8 ball" and have been looking downhill ever since.  So getting back into a diabetes support group is my biggest way to get back into things.  Support groups and friends in general are awesome to motivate you and get you to push yourself.  My friend Don is doing his second marathon tomorrow and he has motivated me by running with me with no pressure and that has got me thinking about spending some money and doing an actual organized event of the half marathon caliber.  Then we have our cycling group which has motivated me to want to be ready for riding by spring time and doing more long distance rallies.  See how groups work?  The make you forget about your goals and instead motivate you to compete with the group and to not be the weak link in the chain but to work your way to the top of the diabetes food group, with positive reinforcement.  I think those diabetics out there with amazing control and rock hard abs that show no signs of insulin pump holes in their bellies are the ones that use this method of self motivation and strict goal focus by not concentrating on what you want but to do it by mentoring, participating, and sharing with others and the end result is to be an awesome diabetic (every diabetic is awesome no matter what) through positive distractions that make you take quality care of yourself without even thinking about it.  I think that is my new phrase this year, "positive distractions" they are the ones that get you to eat right, do right, without the nagging, worrying, or fear by distracting you of diabetes and showing you life.

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  1. Great post, Dave. Love the realistic outlook on this time of year, and you cracked me up with the line about still being able to fog a mirror!

    I love the whole positive distractions thing.