Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thats the pitts.

 I know you are all saying it in your heads "where is the diabetic camper?"  Sorry everyone I had a bad case of watery farting diarrhea come Sunday though Monday night and just now feel 80%.  It is just amazing how that stuff just comes out of nowhere.  One minute I was getting ready to go out on a 10 mile run and the next minute I am comptemplating going to the hospital for how my stomach felt.

Back to the grind and giving you all that daily ramblings of the diabetic camper.  Last week at work someone had out a tin of mixed nuts on a table for anyone to take as you please.  Not sure if this was something our building management left or what but I cracked it open and noticed it was filled with lots of high quality diabetes friendly (no obvious holiday high snacks) nuts and stuff.  I guess this was more of a nutty trail mix because it also had random dried fruits.  What makes a good nut mix or high protein trail mix to me is the ability to grab any or most handfuls and it tastes great either by the piece or the whole handful.  Then I check out the amount of pecans and this one was loaded.  Not sure why pecans are so expensive to add to trail mix but that is usually the tale, tale sign of the quality of your mix.
Driving home I started snacking on this in the truck and was amazingly surprised how awesome it was, fresh, fun, and some other "f" words I can't think of right now but then it hit me.  I suddenly received an unexpected bitter bite of something.  It took me some digging around and figured out it was these weird cherries that are now being added to nuts and trail mixes.  Cherries are good in small pieces or in a mix that is supposed to have a cherry twang to it but I can never get over these things when I come across them.  They just don't agree with the rest of the mix, I can see coconut shreds agreeing, raisins agreeing, those craisin things agreeing, but not the huge tart cherries.  In the end all this proves is that I am just a mixed nut/trail mix snob but, at least I know this and knowing helps me pick mixes without them.  My favorite is probably that moose munch stuff by Harry and David, but what isn't awesome from that place.  They even have a moose munch coffee that is to die for as well.


  1. A whole post about trail mix.
    I hate things like cherries and/or cranberries in my gorp. Probably because i know it's going to eff up my beeg. But also because I just don't like em

  2. Okay, when I read the second sentence of your post about having watery, farty diarrhea, I looked at the picture with my laptop screen at a weird angle and at first glance the picture actually looks like a toilet bowl with brown squirts all over the inside of it. I thought for a moment that you crapped and took a picture of it. Then I saw the cashews and finished reading the post and I realized it was nut mix.