Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Have you ever walked around a pharmacy?

 The other day I heard on the radio they sell these home bake kit things at CVS, where you can make Twinkies at home.  They said on the radio the price was 14.95 so I was not figuring that this was going to be something left on the counter to be used all the time.  I was just interested in the novelty of it and maybe using it as a Christmas gag gift for my brother or something.  Well being a moron that I am went to Walgreen's instead but figured they pretty much sell the same crap at both stores and in the parking lot was this sweet Maserati.  I just love the hind view of a Maserati.  So onward I went with my mission.
Pharmacies have changed alot since I was a wee squirt when they just had colostomy bags, walkers, and toilet seat donuts for your hemorrhoids or something.  As I was figuring out that Walgreen's did not sell the homemade twinkie maker thing I headed over to the "as seen on TV" section of the store and saw they had these tooth brushes.  My first thought was this was a Halloween leftover but then realized it was just packaged this way.  The Lady GaGa singing toothbrush and yes to answer your questions of did I press the button to hear it sing, I did and actually it sounded quite good for a toothbrush singing Lady GaGa.  So I was hooked on getting one of these singing toothbrushes as a different gag gift but then looked at the price tag and it cost 9.99.  That was just a ridiculous price to pay for one tooth brush and two Lady GaGa songs.  Can't you get the songs on the inter-web for like .99 and a toothbrush runs just a couple of bucks so I had to pass.  I did notice the Justin Bieber empty box of singing toothbrushes next to the Lady GaGa ones and realized that young girls are more willing to listen to music while they brush their teeth than young boys, or just that Justin Bieber sells better than some weird lady in a T-Bone steak dress.

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