Friday, December 7, 2012

Cool Ride

I see this truck sometimes on my way to work, sometimes near my house, and all over town.  This to me is what makes one cool truck, it has the look and feel of an old work truck but with alot of mods that make it modern and updated.  I argue with my son all the time about the right stance for a truck, he thinks they should always be high and in the sky, and I tell him that the right drop is where they should be.  His reasoning is how you can go anywhere and look tough, and my reasoning is you can control the truck better at the right stance and still be able to go anywhere.  All of this is just us sharing our personal opinion about what we as individuals like.  Opinions and preferences have almost never been considered in the world of diabetes until a short time ago.  We used to only have a few types of insulin to take, a few choices for testing our BG's and of course we had zero options for what we ate.  I remember my first diet I was put on and it was like eat the exact same thing everyday at the same time everyday.  I lasted on that diet for like two months and said to hell with this and tried my best.  Then the carb counting diet came into my life with the fancy new "fast-acting" insulin's and all of a sudden every wall was torn down (just if we could get this through non-diabetics heads we can eat anything as long as we count the carbs).  Then we had multiple companies with all sorts of products to shoot insulin, pump insulin and to test BG's.  Diabetes today seems like this time old argument I have with my son, we both agree that trucks are the best, we just disagree on how we like our trucks.  This is alot like today's modern diabetic, we all have the same disease but have personal ways we prefer to caring for it.  Now don't get me wrong and think I am saying there is one diabetic that is better than another, that is furthest from the truth because I feel as long as you can fog a mirror you are doing a great job with your diabetes.  I am just saying we have all sorts of cool ways to control our diabetes.

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