Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sole Pleasers


 Today I have another diabetic sock review that I received from socks 4 life  This time it is the brand "Sole Pleasers."  I ordered a three pack of brown socks that I call a casual weekend style of sock.  These socks are 80% cotton and 20% Nylon.  The description on the socks4life website about the Sole Pleasers: "you are sure to have great moisture absorption as well as friction reduction to prevent further irritation."  They also say they are "UPS" color friendly for all you package carriers.

These Sole Pleasers are alot better than the Soc Doc tube socks I reviewed yesterday.  Now I am more partial to a casual sock than a tube sock so that does play into this as well.  These socks were not quitters like the Soc Doc's and they felt more even on the leg and had a softer toe.   The only downside to the Sole Pleasers is they did feel a little thin on the material.  So I would give the Soc Doc the point for their thickness and they also felt all around of higher quality material (which makes it even more weird that they were quitters on me).  Overall these Sole Pleaser socks are fantastic and on my patented diabetes syringe scale I would give them 3 syringes on the scale of one to five syringes for their use of nylon to create a wicking sock and for their even feel on the leg and also how comfortable and soft the material felt on my toes.  The downside is I am not sure how long they will last (when they do wear out I will post about it).

Let me do a little disclaimer about  socks 4 life , they do not pay me for these reviews or any advertisements I post about their website.  They were willing to put their diabetes socks to my tests even though they do not have a camping or hiking sock they wanted me to try out their product. These are great people that truly try to have the best sock at the best price and they run all sorts of great discounts all the time.  I would recommend for any of you diabetics out there, or any body for that matter to register on their website.  They even overlap their sales with discounts on their productrs, plus you can get an email with another discount code to get them even cheaper and last if you buy a certain dollar amount they discount them all again.  I call that a win-win-win situation and in the world of diabetes we can never have too many of those.

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