Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to be Diabetic White Trash 101

 A few things that have made me excited over the past month or so.  One has been the "find" of a discount bread store that is directly on my way to and from work.  The bread store is probably never a safe place for any diabetic to be (I can't count that many carbs).  I can never figure out how they make any money?  First almost every product is around a dollar or less, then for every six dollars you spend you get a free item from their free rack, and last they give you a card that for every item you buy they mark a number off on the card and when the card is full you get another free item.  if you spend 15 bucks in these stores you basically bought the entire store.
 The last time I was in I picked up two packages of these 100 calorie sandwich thins that have 22 carbs for each set of buns (the top and bottom).  My son is really into trying to be "Country" and downloads all sorts of country music onto my Zune account that plays on my windows phone while I am at my real job.  Reminds me of the movie "Blues Brothers" where the guy tells him they like both kinds of music, country and western.
 One of the songs he downloaded was "Back When" by Tim McGraw and at the beginning of the song Tim talks about remember a fried bologna sandwich with mayo and tomato.  Last night I had a bologna sandwich on sandwich thins, mustard, and cheese.

 My wife said to me "That is just gross" and I am sure alot of you out there are saying the same thing.  I just grew up in a house where my dad used to keep potted meat in the center storage compartment of his van and a package of pilot biscuits and he would eat them anytime he was hungry.  We ate fried bologna for breakfast and it was good.  Now I can enjoy a carbohydrate friendly sandwich (not so fat friendly) that takes me "back when."

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