Thursday, January 12, 2012

John Weitz Diabetic Socks


 Here we have diabetic dress socks from the John Weitz collection from socks 4 life.  Recently I have reviewed diabetic tube socks, diabetic casual socks from socks 4 life/ and even though they do not sell any camping or hiking styled diabetic socks they have given me these socks to try in my Monday through Friday urban surroundings.

These diabetic dress socks were really nice.  They have a good thickness to them, the no seam toes, and the no binding tops like all diabetic socks.  A big difference in the John Weitz diabetic sock is that these are 100% acrylic and that really stands out with a pair dress slacks.  Have you ever seen someone wearing a nice pair of Brooks Brothers slacks and cheap cotton socks?  The sheen of the wool on the slacks clashes with the rough dull look of a cotton sock.  They really stand out like they put good thought into their slacks but could care less about their shoes and socks.

I have recently posted about how I am a Gold Toe sock person.  They are quality made and have quality comfort that lasts.  With these John Weitz socks I am a changed man.  These socks are a solid home run in the diabetes world and would recommend anyone who wants or needs to look nice and also has diabetes to pick a pair or two of these diabetic dress socks.  I received a three pack that had a dark brown, blue, and black and compared them with my Gold Toe socks and the John Weitz socks had comparable colors and a little more thickness which I like.  Overall I would give the John Weitz diabetic dress socks 4 syringes out of five on my patented diabetes scale of one to five syringes.  The reason I did not give them the fifth syringe was because they need more colors to choose from.


  1. Diabetic socks are made specifically for individuals with diabetes. They help control moisture which reduces the chance of infection. They are also made with no seams which reduces the risk of pressure being placed on the diabetic’s foot and causing blisters. Thanks a lot.

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