Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Coke and a Smile

Well happy new year to everyone.  Have any of you diabetics out there run into this situation.  You want a Diet Coke and you go to the fridge and grab a can real fast.  Then you take a swig and think your Diet Coke is way sweet and thick just like a regular Coke?
Coke has a new promotion where they are donating money to save the polar bears if you drink their new Coke cans.  The only thing is that the new support the polar bear cans look just like a diet coke can (as seen above).  Now most people are smart and read what they grab before they drink (OK so I don't).  I took a large gulp and realized I was drinking something different than my favorite diet soda.  After reviewing the can I realized I fell to this trap and not to waste, I drank the soda and pumped the appropriate insulin to cover the pure cane sugar and went along my day.
Most people probably see how similar the cans are but don't have any issues because you either have coke in the house or diet coke in the house.  I had this issue at work where my employer is so greatbecause they provide snacks, sodas, fruit drinks, and starbucks coffee for us at no cost (I love my job!). 
This situation got me thinking about random thoughts.  I kind of felt like how blind people feel (yes, I know no where close).  I remember hearing a report on the evening news how the United States is the only country in the world that has all their paper money the same size.  Now this is nice and uniform for you and I but throw in a blind person that is self sufficient and they can't tell a difference from a hundred dollar bill or a five dollar bill.  So just because of this one issue blind people have to rely on others.  One simple change in the size of bills and you liberate another disease. 

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