Monday, January 9, 2012

Socks 4 Life


 Wow, have I been away from my blog for too long.  With year end closing at work and the work for my recent classes I have had little sleep and no time to blob.  With all of that behind me I am back on the streets working for all of you diabetics out there looking for camping advice from your favorite diabetic camper.  One change for the new year is my new banner.  The banner was provided by my friend Deb Meyer at "Little Deb's Doodlings."  I will post more about what Deb and I worked on in the coming days (or if you want, just drop by her blog and see what she had to say about coming up with the blood drop dude). 

 Today I am going to focus on a company called socks 4 life/  They were nice enough to let me have some "Diabetic Socks" from their website to try out and report on.  If any of you diabetics out there are anything like me, you have heard of diabetic socks and only see older people or type 2 people wearing them.  I have always stayed away from them because I have been a "Gold Toe" brand, kind of guy.  I only have worn Gold Toe since I found them in the ninth grade when I was buying socks for the freshman dance  (I just threw out that pair of socks last year).

The first pair I tried were "The Sock Doc" diabetic tube socks that came in a mixed color three pack.  The first thing I found was that you literally you cannot feel the seam in these socks.  You can see the seam but when you put them on you feel nothing.  The Sock Doc's had a downfall and that was they were what I came to know from watching Mel Gibson as "quitters."  That is when your sock does not stay up and it falls down.  Of course all tube socks do that but these socks just did it a little too much for me and too fast.  Everything else was great with the sock and having the no constriction at the top really does help keep your feet from swelling.  I give "The Sock Doc" 2.5 syringes for the "quitter-ness" they posses on my patented diabetes camping syringe scale.

Now I am still on the search for either a synthetic sock or a murano wool sock that qualifies or is recommended by the manufacturer for diabetics to wear camping and hiking.  I was talking to Tim the general manager of Backwoods on Saturday about diabetic socks and that the only ones made are cotton.  The first thing he said about cotton was "cotton kills."  Now I personally don't take it that far but, cotton is comfortable as a plus but it is hard on every other aspect of camping outdoors.  He and I thought for a bit why none of the high end murano wool companies had or would recommend their socks for camping and hiking.  The only thing we could think of is that the seams are too hard to qualify them as "diabetic" socks.

I definitely would recommend these socks of you are in town and doing light to medium walking in an active environment.

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