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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tradition and Diabetes

I don't know about all you other diabetics out there on the inter-web world but this diabetic has a weird love/hate relationship with the giving of thanks holiday.  Our family doesn't have any traditions or must do's, so each year we just wind up were we wind up and do what everyone else is doing.  This year my brother, his wife and son drove my mother down to Bastrop, Texas and I met them down there so we could share the giving of thanks holiday with my grandmother (dads side of the family).  My grandmother recently turned 96 and just a couple of days before her birthday she fell and broke her wrist and hip so she is tied up in one of those assisted living places for three months while she heals up.  My grandmother is one amazing woman for never driving a day in her life and has been living alone for something like 20 years since my grandfather passed away.  With granny in the medical retirement place and not able to leave we had to decide on what our giving of thanks meal would be.  The tradition is of course turkey but my brother dislikes turkey unless it is like the sliced stuff you get at Subway on your hoagie and I could care less what we eat just as long as it is good.  Since we were all staying at my grandmothers house and did not want to take all the time cooking this elaborate meal but instead wanted to spend as much time as possible with grandma and also my uncle was having a traditional giving of thanks meal on Saturday.  So we did what all good people do when every business is closed for a holiday and that is scour the landscape for one place that was brave enough to be open, and that was "Texas Grill."  So we had fried catfish, chicken fried steak, and chicken friend chicken for our meal and it was great.  The people at the restaurant were extremely nice and were not put off at all because they had to work the holiday, they even asked us how we knew they were open and we told them that they were the only business with cars out front (a couple of fast food places were open but we wanted to at least have our feast brought out to us).  So in the end the giving of thanks is what you make of it and if you make it good than no matter where, or what it is, or who it is with it will be tradition.

Final thought for the day, today (November 29th) is Chuck Mangione's birthday and I have a co-worker that did not know the greatness of "Feels so Good" so I thought to post one of those tubes of you videos of him playing that great song on here, just in case one of you might not know his greatness.  I used to have this song on one of my running play lists and would listen to it over and over.  Not sure how good it made me run but it just sounds good.

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