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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy international/world diabetes day!

 I hope everyone is having a great world diabetes type 1 (the bad kind) international day!  My co-worker is a type 1 as well so when I wished him a happy international diabetes day he asked me if diabetes was international (he was just kidding).  That is when we came up with the witty joke of something like, "I have type 1 diabetes and in Europe it is type .91440m" kind of funny yards to meters diabetes joke right?  So with that I thought about just blowing your mind with my random pictures.  Above is a picture of the sticker that was on the billy goat mower I rented a few weeks ago.  They should make like a dodge truck called "The Billy Goat" and have this as their logo.
 How many of us take pictures of our 100 bg's ?  Yes, all of us do and so here is my latest 100!  The stupid things that make us so happy because normal people yell at us for eating sugar.  The simple things are what keeps us sane.
 Here is a picture of my sons latest FFA project "Little Miss Wright" named for the world famous Wright Brand Bacon she will become.  Which is the best bacon on planet earth.  This little pig lives at the Ag barn behind his high school and will probably be the death of me.  He has to feed her twice a day, every day, until she is bacon.  Once in the morning and once a 7pm.  The last time I took him there I stepped in pig doo and let me tell you this.  Once you step in pig doo you can just throw those shoes away because they smell like hell forever.  It is fun to go to the barn and hang out with the pigs, goats, cows, and sheep (I am not supposed to touch them but don't tell anyone) and have fun with all the livestock.
Last here is my dogs minus MoMo, and what they used to do is put their buts on MoMo but since she is in doggie heaven now they finally found a way to use each other as pillows and the such.

Now go out and get your diabetes in order and remember one thing, "all you have to do is not eat sugar and everything is OK."  I am just kidding.


  1. Ahhh... another GEM "He has to feed her twice a day, every day, until she becomes bacon"


  2. I always hear bells and whistles when I get a 100 mg/dl! Haha! And your .91440m joke made me chuckle!