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Monday, November 12, 2012

Step out to Stop Diabetes

Saturday was the Dallas ADA step out to stop diabetes 5k run/walk.  I had my booth space all set up and was working it before the run started for to get people interested in exercising with their diabetes.  Then I ran the race which was lots of fun.
My friend Don won his age group and was quick as lighting.  He did this even after giving the opening motivation speech to everyone.  He is a diabetes trooper, I bet he even went out on Sunday and ran another 25 miles or so.  He is gearing up for his first marathon in December.
You are asking me about how I did?  Well, lets just say technically I won my age group.  From the picture above you can see that somehow I fat fingered my keyboard when registering and fell into the age group of "0 and under."  Everyone always said I was a kid at heart, just maybe a little older on the outside.
I have never seen a funnier team name ever in my life than "Duck Fiabetes."  That is so smart, funny, and freakin awesome.  Hopefully I can steal that name and put it to my own use.  Maybe a t-shirt with a duck on it or something, who knows but I keep laughing every time I see this picture.

We had so much fun hanging out at the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington before the race and after the race.  I love going to the vendor area and collecting business cards and trying to do some more networking and sampling the free goods.  One table had this cheese that was like lactose free and 75% reduced carbs and calories with a great taste as well.  Don and I hung out at that table for a while getting our fair share of samples.  My favorite was the Jalapeno cheese.

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  1. Oh wow.. google "diabetees" awesome shirts.
    I've had my heart set on a Duck Fiabetes shirt for ages.
    Good job on the volunteering and the run!