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Friday, November 16, 2012

Why do small things make me sad?

 Last week I was packing up all my gear to head off for work and the last thing I did was close the zipper on my diabetes test kit bag.  Then it happened, my hand pulled away with the zipper pull still in it and I was devastated.  This just ruined my day, and I know you are all out there reading this saying: "He is the biggest wuss, and dork" because the zipper pull on my bag broke.  I would completely agree with you and others have told me that I get attached to inanimate objects.  Just something inside me (maybe the little diabetic baby in me) gets sad when my gear wears out.
 I have had this bag for something like three years and it is the right size, shape, and has been through alot with me and probably what gets me down is the fact I have to go out and find a new bag to replace this one.  This bag came to me courteous of my endocrinologist who helps me not just with my diabetes but my weird way of living life.  She knows that when it is time to give me a new meter she gives me two because I always brake one or something happens to one.  She knows that the bag the meters come with will be tossed in the trash so she keeps a stock of random bags from vendors to help me out.  This was an Eli Lilly bag made to carry like needles and insulin bottles but has been great as my meter bag.  The bag still works just I need to start looking for another one.
I stole this picture off another blog I love to read: so stop by his blog and tell him the diabetic camper sent you.  This is just the funniest welcome home picture I have ever seen.  Not sure if this is staged or real but either way I give it two facebook thumbs up, a hash tag, and one of those disturbing sideways smiley faces.  I think all soldiers should have to report to "Booty" at some time in their lives.

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