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Monday, December 3, 2012

Wrong Way!

 Over the weekend I had plans to go camping with my son and maybe help him clean a deer he would shoot.  When I got home Friday night he let me know that he was under the weather and did not feel like going.  So I then panicked and did almost nothing the entire weekend.  Sometimes a weekend off from doing things is good but for me, staying busy keeps me sane.  Saturday I decided to go for a run and in Dallas we had some awesome like 20 mph winds with 80 degree temperature and I wanted to try out this three mile stretch of trail near my house to see how it was and came across the "wrong way" sign you see above.  I thought for a moment how appropriate this was because I was going into the wind at this point and how it seems like this is the life of a diabetic.  No matter how good you do or try, it always leads you down a great road that everyone else tells you is wrong.  You work out alot so to keep the BG's up you have to eat (fuel the fire), then everyone yells at you for your diet, or get a simple cut or bruise from being active and everyone tells you that you need to take it careful.  The freakin life of diabetes.
So to keep on this theme of "Wrong Way" today when I got to work (OK, after I stopped at McD's for 2 sausage biscuits) my nose was feelin a little bit runny and the sausage biscuits were to make me feel better.  The I felt the two drops of what I thought was snot leaving my nose and hitting my shirt.  Then when I looked down I got the great surprise of it being a nose bleed instead of just snot.  So for the rest of the day I went around my office with good old bloody snot shirt  (the good thing is I bolused and had my basil rate perfect for the biscuits).  A co-worker told me about the hydrogen peroxide thing to get it off but from the picture above you can tell it still looked like blood and snot from my nose.  Then another co-worker thought this had to be some sort of bio hazard issue.  If they only knew the freakin bloody mess my diabetes bag was.  In the end the moral of the story or the blog post is to always be willing to accept change or to push through something embarrassing.  I made a game of the day by seeing how many people would say something about my shirt.  Trust me it was less people than those that would let me know my fly was down.


  1. I like your "wrong way" analogy. Isn't that the truth. With D you always try to make the right decision and then always think you made the wrong choice afterwards; that if you had chosen the other option, things would have turned out better.

  2. You would have earned some *serious* street cred if you were able to test your blood sugar by catching a drop on a test strip...