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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I figured out why I like these so much...

 I bought some of these Browning wool blend socks like a year ago or something and last week while at Tractor Supply I ran into them again with a great discounted price.  Last time I had my son with me and asked him if he wanted some wool socks and he turned his nose up at them, but ever since then he has been eyeing my beautiful Browning wool blend socks wishing he had said yes and had some for himself.  The reason he did not want any was he thought that when socks said "large" on them that meant like for old people or big footed weirdos.  He later found out that when socks said a size like "large" they meant a range from say 10 to 12, which is what these fell in and was his size.  This time when I asked him if he wanted some Browning wool blend socks he said yes.
 I like browsing the isles at Tractor supply to see what they have that goes on sale.  Their seasonal stuff is usually marked down pretty fast when times change and other things need the space.  These socks started out at like 6.99 a pair, then marked down to 4.99 a pair, and then 2.99 a pair when I got them.  Now my son was telling me how he likes wool socks but he hates how they make his feet sweat.  I let him know that I wore these wool socks all summer and never had an issue with sweat and I am a hard core sweater.  A funny side note to this whole thing that really isn't that funny is that I have contacted every wool sock company, from the smallest to the largest and none of them recommend diabetics to wear their socks.  That was your random interesting, sad, diabetes fact of the day.
I started thinking more about why these wool socks were different than all my other wool socks in the way they did not make my feet sweat in the summer.  I have some socks that are straight up old school wool (the kind that don't stretch) and I have lots of different types of  merino wool socks which you don't have to wear a sock liner with (I still like to wear a sock liner when backpacking no matter the sock).  So I looked on the label and noticed these socks were 65% acrylic, 20% merino wool, 13% nylon, and 2% spandex.  This is a great mix of sporty materials with the right amount of wool mixed in.  The acrylic is good at moisture wicking, the wool is good, the nylon helps the sock stay flat to your skin, and the spandex holds form so they don't get all stretched out.  Now that I am aware of this mixture I am going to start checking all the wool socks at the store and see what each is made of so I know more info, and knowing is half the battle.  Affording is the other half.

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