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Friday, November 9, 2012

Who's a Dork?

 So since my nose surgery I have been more "up" to working out and running.  Then since the time change (don't we have this time change thing backwards?) running at night is so not fun.  I have been going to my local community gym.  Nothing is wrong with going to the gym just that I am a complete dork and from the picture above you can see I wear my CGM, insulin pump, and my cell phone on my waist band.  Then what I forgot to have on in this picture is my bluetooth headphones to put the cherry on the dork.
I am not sure what the rest of you do but for me I first like to see how my numbers move around with what activity I am doing so my CGM is a cool kind of must have thing, then at the gym I take my pump off to run but if I am pumping iron or just doing the endless stair stepper there is not enough intense pace to keep my numbers down, and my cell phone has my zune music player in it, or I guess it is now called the xbox music player so I can jam out to the latest Lynard Skynard tunes or something.  There are lots of stares from people and I am comfortable with it maybe because they assume (they are making an ass out of u and me) I must be a doctor or something with two beepers and a cell phone so that is kind of cool.  In the end it just goes to show that how much we advance our diabetes care with technology it just creates another issue with things like a workout waist band full of gizmo's and gadgets.


  1. Someone asked me if I was a cop once! haha!

  2. "cherry on the dork"
    I always have my pump clipped to my waist belt OR in my cleavage if I don't plan to sweat much. Medtronic SO not waterproof. I know you don't have a "cleave" but whatevs.

    I also use a Tummietote for running in the summer to hold my meter parts, iphone, TP (because leaves don't work well) as well as random carbs. Though I am known to shove gels in my bra - again, boobs you do not have.

    If I was a guy I'd look like you with everything attached to my waist and probably pulling my pants down.