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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Great Idea

Have you ever had an idea that seemed like a great idea?  Recently I had one of those moments come to me.  The other day as I was checking on my diabetes supply level.  The usual shipment is for 90 days and I like to try and keep at least 30 days on tap before ordering more.  While I was checking my supplies I also had the idea to review our families 72 hour supplies and our emergency equipment.  As I was reviewing everything I kept thinking how if we had a major emergency would I have enough batteries to last for all of my medical equipment.  Then I noticed that our emergency flashlights have those crank style handles to give the batteries more juice.  Back in the day I used to keep the visual strips around so I could test on campouts if my meter failed (old meters used to never work in the cold or the extreme heat).  Now with technology being so good and cheap,  I  can keep three meters on me while I go camping, so if one fails I have two more backups.

My idea would be to have a hand crank BG meter for emergencies.  How cool would that be?  You are out and about and say your meter battery dies on you, in the glove box next to the hand crank flashlight is the hand crank BG test meter.  Now don't get me wrong this is a small market of diabetics that are like me who never check their battery level on trips and probably half of the batteries in my brief case are dead.  There have to be those like me that want the sense of security if anything ever did come up and you needed that meter.

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