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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A new addition

 One step closer to creating a set of cast irons from used, rusty, or other sources than buying it new.  My goal is to create another set of cast irons for our house since we keep our original set at our cabin and loading and unloading them each weekend took up space in the truck bed and also they weigh a good amount.  Now what I consider a "set" would mean a ten inch skillet, 6 inch skillet, 12 inch dutch oven, and a griddle.  I have 4, 10 inch skillets, and also 4, 6 inch skillets.  It was a good thing for me to pick up extras because from my earlier posts they were rusty and when I cleaned one of them I came across some nice pitting in the metal so that one will be sold back to someone else another day. 

 Last weekend was another day in the concrete jungle.  I had planned to drop my son off at my friend Ken's practice hike and make it over to an auction about 30 minutes away and pick my son up at his friends once I was done.  The funny thing with plans are you have to get up when the alarm clock goes off.  From the pictures of the upcoming auction they had a couple rolls of chicken wire.  My son is going to raise some chickens for FFA coming in January so he is working on building a chicken coupe in our backyard.  I figured the wire would go about 1/10th it would cost me new so a deal is a deal and they also had pictures of cast iron that were going to be sold at the auction.  Saturday morning I roll out of bed at 6:40am, about 20 minutes before the auction was set to begin and I needed to get my boy to the practice hike.  I finally decided to drag him to the auction and he could miss the hike. 
 I got to the auction, oh yeah I mean we got to the auction around 9:30am.  A solid 2 and a half hours after it started and I noticed people inspecting the goods.  The nice lady informed us that this was not a typical auction but more of a yard sale auction.  We could paruse the merchandise that was marked with a starting price and they would listen to any offers and sell the items to the highest bidder.
 First thing I saw at the auction was the roll of chicken wire so I quickly told the nice lady one buck and she agreed.  Then we moved to the stack of cast iron and from the pictures they had the corn cob Lodge muffin pan but it was no where to be found.  Then I noticed from what you have seen in all these pictures is a Lodge Pro Grid/Iron.  The griddle was marked 5 bucks so I offered 3 dollars and she agreed on the price.  I was so giddy with excitement.  These griddles are heavy duty and this one was flat and slick as ice with a good seasoning on it.  We moved onto other cast iron but I think the lady had wised up to me and wanted way too much for the rest so I had to pass them along.  I did get a card table for my wife for a dollar, a sterling silver belt buckle with the letter "H" on it for a dollar (my last name is Hennesey so that worked out good), a painters easel for a dollar, an outdoor easel for 5 dollars, a painters box from the 40's for 7 dollars with the paint boards and other misc. items in it and last I bought my son a fishing pole for a buck.  Even though the auction was light on merchandise I still came and concurred for the fair price of 21 dollars.

Currently I have spent 14 dollars on a Griswold 10 inch skillet, 4 dollars on a 5 inch skillet, and 3 dollars on a Lodge griddle.  I still need a dutch oven and I would like to get a cornbread pan as a side item.  Then I do have 6 other skillets I picked up for 20 bucks.  They will either be resold at a swap meet later or used as gifts.  For 26 dollars I am one item short of my goal and for that price new I could not have purchase any one of these items.  Someone once told me this is what they call in the recycling world as re purposing.  I just call it a lot of fun, education, and saving alot of money.  I love setting goals and checking them off as I accomplish them.  I now have to do this 30 day boy scout fitness challenge and I have also challenged myself to a sub seven A1C. 

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