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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OneTouch Delica

I had received this "One Touch Delica" lancet device from Debby Kilby with Life Scan.  I was reluctant to accept it from her because I really like my "Accu-Chek Multiclix" lancing device and have found no other that compares.  Well after my two week test of using the Delica I must say, this thing sucks!  The box tells me that it has less vibration, smaller needle, and more depth options.  First the vibration feels more to me. I think the issue is that they used the cheapest spring they could find.  I had to start right away with the depth as deep as it could get just so the spring would be as powerful as possible.  Second, they need that small needle because the spring is so weak that the lancet has to be as sharp as possible just to break the skin.  Last bit of propaganda is like the movie "This is Spinal Tap" where they say their amps are louder because they go to eleven and all other amps go to ten.  Who cares if your depth is an eleven or twenty?  I compare all lancing devices to Bows and arrows.  Everyone likes a certain feel and function of their lancing device.
To set off my bad reviewing to an new low.  I was given this Nova Max BG monitor and if I thought the Delica was bad this Nova Max is straight out of the 80's.  Now I was not reviewing the Max since it is dead in the water and they are moving their products to another line.  This monitor was more of a gift, and a bad gift at that.  The screen was hard to read, it felt cheap, and was just wrong all the way around.

Back to this Delica lancing device, I think the most dissapointing part was just how cheap the thing felt.  That is the first thing I love about the Accu-Check Multiclix, it is as sturdy as an ox and it shoots very accurate.  The Delica does not fit in anybodies hand, it has wierd buttons, and feels like the quality of a Mcdonalds toy.  The front of the box says "More comfortable testing,"  who, what, where and how is this piece of Walmart rejected product more comfortable?  Don't get me started on the wheel of death on the end that adjusts the depth.  I have to check the depth level everytime because it rolls to another number constantly.  Then I don't even want to discuss the double button slide things.  How big do you need to make the cocker?  Then changing the needle I stab myself everytime because the cap has this crazy twist and pull system and it causes me to drag this thing up and down my arm everytime.  Just make the cap pull off!

The final result of this lacing device on my patented syringe scale of one to five syringes and five being the best, I give the Delica 1 syringe out of 5.  I hate being negative and wish there was something good to say about this device but there is nothing.  The engineers that designed this device need to find work in another field, maybe working on mideval torture devices.  They are not fit to design diabetic devices.  To make this even worse my mail order pharmacy called and said I could get 900 lancets and 2 more free Delica's for 20 bucks.  I took them on that supposed "Deal."  I might just use a rusty nail for the next three months.

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  1. I know this post is a few years old but I must ask: Are your hands on the larger side? I am petite and that includes my hands. I can wear child sized gloves to give you an idea. I got the delica and used it when I had once again misplaced the one I was using at the time. I LOVE it. I haven't had any issues with it and I love how small it is. I have tried the bayer contour lacer, and a few others like reli-on and the old precision ones.
    The delica is by far my favorite.
    By now, you may have found a new device that works even better than your multiclix, who know?
    I'm off to finish reading your blog now.
    LOVING all your tips and advice, so thank you!