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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Backpacking Cot

 In our backpacking group we have a little joke we play with the people at REI.  We ask them to show us the backpacking cots.  Age and laziness has gotten a hold of us and we as adults have figured out how to backpack a cot with us in the woods.  Now, the joke part is that the REI sales reps tell us every time that there is no such thing as a backpacking cot and if you did try to backpack your cot into the woods it would either not come home with you or you would not come home.  Instead of saying "backpacking" you substitute "low profile" in your description of a comparable cot.

What we have found best is the Byer cots.  These cots fit in any 2 person backpacking tent and the cot weighs 7lbs to 8lbs depending on the model you get.  Make sure you get the Allagash or the Trilite.  They have the military style cots as well but they are too tall and have the unprotected legs that tear holes in the bottom of your tent.  They also weigh too much and are too bulky to cary.

Someone has now figured a way to take the weight out of the Byer cot and truly deliver a backpacking cot.  This came from Luxury Lite out of Lake Jackson Texas.  This is one smart person that used light weight fabric and aluminum tent poles connected by a system of round clips that takes five pounds out of the existing Byer cot and it is significantly smaller as well.  Now I have never used one of these models but from the videos I found and the website it is exactly the same principles as all the other low profile cots.  The only thing is they want 219.95 for one of these cots.  Now that is alot of green for a cot.  Is it worth the savings of five pounds?  Maybe it is and I am certainly going to save up for one or find a used one on the web. 


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