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Monday, October 31, 2011

Endurance Challenge

 Do you ever have one of those days that get started on the wrong step?  Saturday was one of those days for me.  It all started when I could not get the boys up and we were running late to the baseball clinic with Drew Holder.  While driving east in the morning the sun was right in my eyes and I was on a road I do not travel.  The speed limit signs all said 65 that I saw.
 Officer Myntti let me know that I missed the last two speed signs that said 55 and 45 respectfully and that I was traveling 66.  Now, I tried every tactic in the diabetes handbook.  First, as always I was polite to the officer and did not dispute or argue with him.  Next, when he came back to my truck I made sure to have my diabetes test equipment out and testing at the time.  Then, I mentioned to him how we were heading to a diabetes festival that I was volunteering at and the boys in the car were participating in.  Last, I asked if I could get a picture of him for my blog.  He was real nice but, I did still get the ticket.
 After many delays and not finding the baseball field we headed to the Endurance Challenge put on by  I was a little woried that the event would be on the young side for the boys since there wer just bounce house activities offered.  I had a prep talk with them and reminded that if the event will be as fun as you make it.
 These boys had a blast.  We arived around 10am and I had to work the pedestal jousting at noon so I hung out with the boys and took some pictures of them boxing, tug of war basketball, and doing the obstacle courses.
 Neil getting ready to go against his brother Sean in the tug-O-war basketball shooting game.  Lots of fun.
 So in the picture above Neil challenged Zaine (my son) to the large obstacle course.  Lets just say he won by about a minute.
 Here Zaine is finishing the obstacle course.  He said he lost his hat and had to get it and that is why he was so slow.
 We had so much fun at the pedastal jousting.  The kids were challenging their parents and also the young children challenged the older boys as well.  It really was fun for the whole family.  The guys that came to take down the bounce houses had to pull the plug while people were still jousting.  It was just that much fun.
 After the Endurance Challenge we headed over to Lake Palestine to try our hand at some fishing.  The lake was about 10 feet low and we caught nothing but fun at the lake.  Never fished on this lake so we can now check that off of our bucket list.
 The people down the way were bringing in some small catfish.  We were bringing in nothing.
Here is Sean in my chair relaxing at the lakeside.  Now like I said the day did not go exactly as planned but we had fun and can't wait till next year, or the next event!

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  1. The expression on the policeman's face says it all!