Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to avoid the noise!

 Do you ever want to just eat something that is not healthy and contains what normal people call bad for diabetics stuff called sugar?  I must tell you, half the teeth in my head are sweet so I don't just have a sweet tooth, I have half a mouth full of sweet loving teeth.  So my worst holiday is Halloween, I loved this holiday until the age of 13, then it became a curse and the beginning of depression season.  Halloween is followed by Thanksgiving, another great diabetes day of defeat, then Christmas, which is awesome for the BG's and A1c's, then New Years and by the end of it all you feel like the world is against you.
Now, I am not embarrassed of diabetes there are just times when you don't want the 70 something year old smoker at your work harassing you because your bg's are 68 and you are drinking a glass of OJ and they are telling you that you shouldn't be drinking that.  Like anyone cheats with OJ?  Get real, we do bad with lots of other crap but never OJ.  So I was playing around with a buddy at work and he came to my desk and asked, "you got a cold because of the Advil?"  I responded to him that no, it was my way of muling illegal candy around and to stay under the radar of the diabetes police.  Then I opened the box to show him the caramel's inside and he asked, why would you do that?  I told him to stay off the radar of the diabetes police.  Just having fun like I always do but sometimes it is just easier to hide your candy obsession than to answer a million questions like "are you low because of all the candy you are eating?" or the "you shouldn't be eating that?"  Like anyone on the planet should eat any part of this, I just sometimes enjoy a simple freakin piece of caramel, or two, or three, heck maybe the whole freakin bag.

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