Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Because I was high!

 Last week I was humming along at work one day when all of the sudden I felt cotton mouth, irritable, and like I had to pee the entire Mississippi river out of me.  I looked at my handy dandy CGM and sure enough from the last time I checked and till I opened up the CGM my BG's were in mid take off into outer space.  Now I don't eat much of a breakfast, mainly protein and about 10 carbs and I felt about an hour ago that everything was fine, then I had tested an hour before that and I was 158 so what was the deal with the bad diabetic?
I looked down at my shirt and noticed this small spot of wetness right around the area of my pump site.  Quickly I dropped my droors and lifted my shirt to see my pump site had popped out and I was just dumping perfectly good insulin all over the top of my skin, shirt, and site.  This is where hanging out with other diabetics really help you out when in a bind.  My buddy Steve had showed me in Montana a trick that only other diabetics will tell you or show you because it is against all rules and regulations for diabetes management.  The thing is half of our lives are spent in the grey zones of proper diabetes care.  The trick my friend Steve showed me was to take out a new infusion set, pluck that sucker right on your alcohol cleaned site, then take off the tubing and plug in the tubing connector from your old sight that is still in your pump without being rewound or anything.  Then prime the insertion tip which is like one unit depending on your infusion set.  Then you have an emergency quick site change that did not require your bottle of insulin out, a rewind on your pump, or any of the "usual" things in a full site change.  I went about the rest of my day and within two hours I was back down to normal and I drank lots of water to flush out any possibilities of keytones.  Now here is a disclaimer so you don't sue me for my six bottles of insulin and six months worth of supplies I have to my name.  This is highly diabetes illegal and if the diabetes police catch you doing this they will arrest you and put you into some sort of sugar prison cell or something.  Like I said this was an emergency site swap so don't do it.  I love learning the in's and outs from my friends

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