Friday, October 18, 2013

Diabetes Hands

 I have some good news and also some bad news about me.  First the bad news, when I go out for a run on the weekends I sometimes have to "go to the bathroom" but, lucky for me I choose a trail with water fountains and bathrooms along the route. 
The bathrooms along my route don't have soap so I have learned my lesson the hard way and now bring with me something to "wash" my hands with.  Hand sanitizer is good at killing germs but it does not "wash" your hands as I once learned.  A friend of mine told me to always think about if you would want your heart surgeon to do your quadruple bypass with just hand sanitizer?  So I take along with me something that is a wash like the monkey wipes above.  They are awesome and come in a handy singles pack that I can use over and over and over.  OK, I sometimes use the restroom alot while running.  These are also great to keep in your diabetes supplies man or woman's purse.

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