Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diabetes Hypothetical Question.

 I have a question for you diabetics out there in the great inter-web.  Today I was waiting for my doctor in the waiting room and my BG's had a quick drop from 150 to 40 in no time at all.  I recognized the signs instantly and got some glucose tablets.  Then when I opened the tube up I saw the water damaged, mildew looking tablets in the container and wondered to myself, are these safe to eat?
The tube has been in my truck for like a couple of years and probably got wet or something but, if this was all you had to raise your BG's would you eat them?  I did have like three other tubes of glucose tabs, quick sticks, and other random candy to eat in the truck so I did not eat these.  The thing is though I have kept them because I am kind of thinking about doing a non-scientific experiment on my body and eating these and seeing if I come down with some sort of issues from eating these.  So my answer to the question is, Yes I would definitely eat anything to raise my BG's.  What would you do?