Friday, September 9, 2011

What I had planned on.

My friend Pat (as seen in the picture above) came out to our property to pick his son up.  We always get the guns out and shoot some clays.  The boys always like to sit around with their 22 rifles and shoot at targets.  Pat is holding his side by side 12 guage shotgun.  Now whenever I see side by sides I never like them but when Pat lets me shoot his I am in heaven.  It feels really nice compared to a pump or breakover models.
Here is Zaine (my son) shooting his 12 gauge breakover style single shot.  Notice we made kind of a safety box where the barrel of the gun could not go too far either direction and also we put down some random PVC pipes from one of our piles of trash and made a sight zone.  This is kind of to give us an eye where to look for the clays.
Look at me being all sorts of good and stuff with a gun.  You would almost trust me to be an accountant looking like this.
Above is Pats son Sean.  He is holding a clay he hit using his 22 riffle loaded with what I have heard called mosquito shot, or rabbit shot, or squirrel shot.  This type of ammunition turns your riffle into a shotgun.  Now with such a small shot you can see that what ever you are shooting at with this type of round needs to be small and only 10 to 15 feet away at the most. 
Pat let us shoot his Glock 17 which is a 9mm round.  The gun is light and the bullets have just the right amount of kick.  One day I am going to have to get me one.  Maybe someday when I am not so cheap.  Handguns run from a low of 150 for a revolver 22 on up.  A nice Glock like this is a good 500 bucks or so. 
Sean is happy to shoot some rounds off.  Notice how we wear eye wear and also hearing protection.  I always tell the boys "you do not get hurt by being too safe."  Sean had seen me bringing some stuff to them while they were shooting the 22's.  He mentioned to me that I needed eye protection to be on the range.  I was happy to hear that from the boys.  Safety first.
Here I am looking like I am getting the bad guy.  I think I hit like 3 targets out of 5 with 14 shots.  We are about 70 feet away so I will use that as my excuse.  Now this was alot of fun and we take all the safety precautions before we even think about touching one gun.  As a diabetic I am about the worst shot of all.  If a red barn was not painted red I would probably miss it.  I have had 2 cataract surguries and I am like that little chiwawa shaking on grandmas lap when it is time to sighting in a target.  I am not a huge shooter but it is fun to watch my son and the others out having fun.  Personally I am the type that will try most any safe activity out there at least once.  If you are nervous about guns or even curious about guns.  I would recommend anyone to at least try it once.  You can go to a gun range and they love to have newbies shoot for the first time.  My wife went with friends years ago to shoot pistols and it changed her mind completely about them and she has a blast now shooting with the guys.

OK, so what is burning at my chest.  I listen to alot of radio.  My job allows me to listen to headphones and I can get decent reception in our office.  My routine is to listen to a local Dallas sports talk show "The Ticket."  Then I switch over at 10am and listen to Glen Beck for an hour and head over to Rush for an hour.  Then depending on what politics are going on I might listen to Rush for another hour or switch it back to the ticket.  On my way home I listen to "The Wallstreet Shuffle"(praying to learn something about investing) and a little Mark Levin if he has anything good to yell about.

I know that is alot of Conservative listening but I do also watch the evening news with Brian Williams, I listen to NPR on the weekends, and if I am looking for guilty laughter some Rachel Maddow makes me laugh out loud.  Or should that be LOL?  Any ways when I listen to Glen Beck for an hour he has a sponser that caught my attention.  The sponsor is  and since like all of you out there that are diabetics or campers you keep a stock of things around for when the lights go out or camping and even that slight possibility of marshal law.  About the fourth time I had heard this advertisement for their survival foods and supplies I wrote down the website to chech them out.  Now this is where I have been almost preaching on my blog and telling everyone about.  Do not overpay for survival equipment or emergency supplies.  This stuff is meant to last for at least 30 years.  I have posted about Harbor Freight and how you can get great deals on camping and survival equipment.  For example, I bought at Harbor freight a magnessium fire starter for 2 bucks on sale.  Survival warehouse has them for 6.49!  Don't get me started on the prices of their mountainhouse foods either.  Lets just say way overpriced.  When you are thinking about what you need for your 72 hour emergency kit or camping food, or whatever.  First, put together a list and shop around.  All of these items are for sale on as well for way below what this "warehouse" price.  When it is time for use of these things you will be prepared and also happy that you are not at cvs trying to buy a gallon of water for four bucks and you have what you need at the lowest price possible.  Be smart about survival, plan ahead.

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