Thursday, September 15, 2011

Single Servings

Neosporin is one of the greatest health inventions ever!  If you are diabetic you put this fairy pixie goo on everything that bleeds.  I probably would put it on my gums if they were bleeding.  You heal so fast with this stuff.  The only thing is keeping this stuff around.  Now a tube runs in the neighborhood of six bucks and comes in half ounce and one ounce sizes.  I keep one of the half ounce tubes in my briefcase and a couple around the house. 
They also make single serving sizes and travel styles.  They call this line the "Neo to Go" line.  It consists of .26 fluid ounce spray and also they have single serve packets that are 1/32 ounce or 9 grams. The neo to go spray runs in the five buck range and the single serve packs come in a package of 10 for around five bucks as well.
Remember my buddy Ken?  Well he is working on becoming an ultra light backpacker but at the same time he is not out to break the bank on this new hobby.  He has found a blog that cronicles ways to minimize weight without the added cost.  This is known as ultralight backpacking.   Which reminds me as a boy groing up in Oklahoma there were a couple of adult leaders that were some funny characters.  They would take a Louis Lamour book and tear it in half.  One gentleman would read the first half and the other would start on the second half.  In the middle of the high adventure 8 day trip they would switch and read the other half of the book.
Back to the point of the post.  Ken has been hard at work finding ways to reduce weight.  He even has put holes in his spoon to make it ligher (just kidding).  When it comes to neosporin it costs .50 cents for the single serve size but they give you like a months worth and to cary an entire tube takes up space and adds weight.  So Ken has taken straws, cut them down and filled the tubes with neosporin.  The above picture is of the neosporin creme with pain medicine in it.  Now he has exactly what he needs in a single serving, it weighs like nothing, and it is the size of well, a cut down straw.  Ken game me one (since we are friends) to hang on to and well I must say this would work for any situation especially for diabetics.  Now you can carry neosporin and it not take up space in your diabetes bag.  Now my mind is exploding like what else can you put in a straw?  Toothpaste, deodorant, pixie sticks (oh those already come in a straw), and so much more.  Then think of the cost savings.  I have been posting on this blog about how not to just be prepared for emergencies or just life in general but to also be smart about the cost of preparedness.  Any one can go out and spend thousands of dollars buying MRE's but to get the same thing and spend next to nothing is the fun and rewarding challenge.
The above photo is of a dog I was sitting next to at a red light this morning.  I looked over and thought of that dog from the Bushs baked bean commercials.  I think I scared the owner when he looked over and I was talking to the dog and taking its picture.  No one ever said diabetics were normal.

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